The Company adheres to its commitment to operate its business with principles of human rights. Particularly, the Company’s stakeholders shall receive equitable and fair treatment. Principles and guidelines for the treatment of employees, human resource development, safety, occupational health, working environment, and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Human Resources and Human Rights Management

Employees of the Company are a valuable asset. The Company recruits and hires individuals with relevant competencies and experience and they are appropriately compensated comparable to other leading companies. The Company is determined to reinforce and promote positive corporate culture and environment while emphasizing fair treatment of employees on an equal basis. In other words, the Company operates the business against direct and indirect discrimination and human right violation at the workplace. Employees’ security and welfare are also provided through different arrangements such as Provident Funds, annual health check-up, group insurance, fire drills, and safety and security systems.

Occupational Health and Safety

Building a healthy and safe working environment is a top priority of the Company. Hereby, compliance with law and regulations relating to occupational health and safety as well as a continuous system and regulation improvement are crucial. The Company aims at creating an injury-free environment in the workplace.

Society/Community Engagement and Development

The Company recognizes its important role as a member of society. This means that one of the vital duties of the Company is establishing corporate social responsibility. The Company, hence, continues to support CSR activities arranged for communities and help increase better environments of communities and society for the improvement of quality of life.


The “Be a Healer x Be a Hero, Just Donate Blood… You Are a Hero”

7 Feb 2022

This campaign was organized in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia to raise awareness of blood donation during the shortage of bloodstock crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 – the rising demands of patients who needed operation and required blood transfusion contrasted to the lower rate of blood donors from new normal behavior. The details of the activity were slightly different by country, as described below.

Sharing is Caring Campaign

31 Aug 2020

To reinforce its thrust of ‘Sharing is Caring’ despite the challenges of the global pandemic. To help communities gravely affected by the COVID-19 crisis, Asiasoft donated over 260,000 USD to 16 organizations across its 5 countries of operation – Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

gamers love dad
Gamers Love Dad

2 Oct 2016

A project was initiated to mediate between gamers and the monarchy, demonstrating loyalty to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s office. This initiative was held annually from 2006 to 2016. Over the past decade, the “Gamers Love Dad”