Sharing is Caring Campaign

DATE : August 31, 2020

To reinforce its thrust of ‘Sharing is Caring’ despite the challenges of the global pandemic. To help communities gravely affected by the COVID-19 crisis, Asiasoft donated over 260,000 USD to 16 organizations across its 5 countries of operation – Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Furthermore, during the period from August to October 2021, the company extended its support by providing meals. A total of over 5,800 meal sets were distributed across 42 social and community organizations. These efforts encompassed various groups such as medical professionals, charitable foundations, patients confined in waiting centers, and members of the general public who have been impacted by challenging circumstances.

The company sincerely intended to do its part to lessen the burden caused by COVID-19 on society. Through various efforts in the past year, the company rallied to give back and channel the support it received from the community to various dimensions such as public health, education, and development. Asiasoft hopes it has contributed, not only from the enjoyment of its games but also through its charitable work, to make daily life even a little easier for people from all walks of life including those differently able and the brave medical frontlines. We encourage everyone to strive through this crisis safely.

The Computer for the Youth Campaign

The objective is to contribute to the enhancement and augmentation of educational opportunities for underserved youth in remote areas. This initiative involves collecting outdated second-hand computers that may no longer meet contemporary technological requirements but are still functional. These computers will be refurbished and subsequently donated to schools in need. This endeavor aims to provide valuable teaching resources to these schools.

Sharing for Children Campaign 1-4

The campaign was designed to involve executives, employees, and game players in collective endeavors that contribute positively to society. These activities encompass a range of actions, including painting school buildings, providing meals, engaging in recreational pursuits, donating sports equipment, furnishing school supplies, and offering scholarships to students