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The website of Asphere Innovations Public Company Limited and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Company”) uses Cookie (“Cookie”) to track the number of visitors and visited pages and analyze, improve and develop the Company’s website for the maximum benefit of all visitors. In this regard, the Company hereby informs you of the details and functions of Cookies as follows:

What is Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded and stored in your computer devices connected to internet such as computer, tablet, mobile phone or electronic device and does not cause any harm to your computer devices. In this regard, Cookie will enable the website to recognize your preference and history of use and information recorded by Cookie will be used upon your revisit to the website or to provide services upon your request from time to time.

Cookie will enable to the Company to keep updated of you visit to any part of the website, so that the Company will be able to provide relevant information corresponding to your demand. In addition, Cookie will enable you to automatically access specific information upon your request, unless you have already deleted Cookie from your computer system.

Information collected by Cookie

Information collected by Cookie

  • Computer’s Log File such as your IP Address and date and time of your visit to the Company’s website.
  • Details and usage behavior on the Company’s website such as webpages visited by you and the last page visited by you before leaving the Company’s website as well as contents on the website visited by you and duration of visit.
  • Your username and password in case that you choose “save password” option on the website.
  • Type of browser used to visit the website.
  • Domain name of the website linked you to the Company’s website.
  • Your location.

The Company will use IP Address or any of information mentioned above to identify you exclusively for the purposes of the Company’s business operations and legal compliance, protection of legal interest of the Company and determination of the Privacy Policy of the Company. You may learn about the policy from Link of General Personal Data Protection Policy.

Types of Cookies used by the Company

      Cookies used on the Company’s website are as follows:

1. Strictly necessary cookies : cookies that are necessary and important to operations of the Company’s website and enable the website to normally function.

CookiesPurpose of UsePurpose of UseSource
PlayParkPassing parameters on each page of the Website30
ImpervaMaintaining security and identifying you as a user of this website1
Blaze CMSThis cookie was defined by BlazeCMS and used to store sessions for the purpose of remember usage path of storage folder in CMS.2
LaravelThis cookie is set by Laravel automatically generates a cross-site request forgery (CSRF) “token” for each active user session.2

2. Analytic/Performance cookies: cookies that are used by the Company to track statistic data such as the number of visitors and visited pages, manner and behavior of users of the Company’s website in order to analyze and process such data for further development and improvement of the Company’s website.

CookiesPurpose of UsePurpose of UseSource
Google AnalyticsThis cookie is used by Google Analytics to keep track of site usage, understand user interaction, calculate statistic data for the site’s analytic report.2
Google Tag ManagerThis cookie is used by Google Tag Manager for controlling the loading of scripts tag.1
HotjarThis cookie is set by Hotjar and is used to track site usage in order to improve the user experience of the site.1
SpotifyWe use Spotify to provide you a music and Spotify create cookie to collect the data on their platform1
TwitterCookies are set due to Twitter integration and social media sharing.2
Tik TokUsed by the TikTok service to track the use of embedded services1
Matomo AnalyticsThis cookie is used by Matomo Analytics platform to help website track visitor behaviour and measure site performance.1 year 27
Microsoft ClarityThis cookie is set by Microsoft Clarity and is used to track site usage in order to improve the user experience of the site.3
MeiroThis cookie is used by Meiro Events as a unique visitor identifier. This first party cookie is used to monitor requests rate toward their servers and to distinguish users when collecting information about page visits.2

3. Third-party cookies: The Company’s website may contain third-party cookies sent by other websites such as Cookies of YouTube used by videos and playlists of various YouTube channels embedded in the Company’s website or links to third-party websites.

CookiesPurpose of UsePurpose of UseSource
FacebookThis cookie is set by Facebook to deliver advertisement when they are on Facebook or a digital platform powered by Facebook advertising after visiting this website.3
YouTubeThis cookies are set via embedded youtube-videos is used to track the statistical data of embedded videos.16 years
4 months 5 days
17 hours
GoogleThis cookie is used to a profile based on user’s interest and display personalized ads to the users.6
Google Ads ManagerGoogle Ad Manager uses the cookie to collect information to display advertising based on what your interested1 year
1 month
ADOPADOP uses the cookie to collect information to display advertising, Targeting, monitoring and performance improving30
UnclassifiedUnclassified cookies are cookies that It is generated by the above platforms. Those platforms may have their internal process with other platform to deal with use10 YearsVary on platforms

The Company shall not acknowledge nor be liable for any operation of such third-party cookies. Therefore, we recommend you to learn about the privacy practices and cookie policy of such third-party websites before providing your personal data to the third party.

Deletion and/or Disabling of Cookies

By visiting and using the Company’s website, you agree and give your consent to the Company’s use of cookies as specified in this Cookie Policy. If you intend to withdraw your consent for use of cookies, you may delete and/or disable cookies of the web browsers in your computer devices as follows:

Please note that negatives of cookies may prevent you from accessing all functions of the Company’s website.

Amendment of Cookie Policy

The Company reserves the right to amend or update this Cookie Policy as deemed appropriate. You should regularly check out this Policy to be aware of such amendment and update for your own benefit.

Contact Information

For any question concerning use of cookies or the Company’s Cookie Policy, you may contact the Company’s Data Protection Officer (“ DPO”) at:

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