The Company recognizes the importance of adopting eco-friendly business practices. Moreover, energy conservation measures in terms of work procedures and selections of energy-efficient equipment are determined.

In 2022, the Company emitted 145.03 tons of CO2 equivalent which is 34% reduced from the previous year, and achieved the target. The details of the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions are described below.

• The direct greenhouse gas emission is 75.50 tons CO2 equivalent which represents 52% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. This was a 44% increase from the previous year due to the working operations that returned to normal, which required more traveling on the necessary activities.

• The Indirect greenhouse gas emission is 69.52 tons CO2 equivalent which represents 48% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. This was a 58% greenhouse gas emissions reduction compared to 2021’s emissions. The major causes of the reduction were the reduction of electricity usage from office relocation and workspace redesign to match with the operating pattern and the current number of employees. Furthermore, The Company has been promoting and assigning responsible people to turn off electricity and air conditioning 30 minutes prior to lunch break and the end of working hours.

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  • SCOPE 1

    Direct GHG Emissions


  • SCOPE 2

    Indirect GHG Emissions


  • SCOPE 2

    Indirect GHG Emissions


  • Total GHG Emissions

    tonnes of carbon dioxide


PlayPark, we are green

4 Oct 2015

PlayPark extended an invitation to online gamers, urging them to get involved in coral planting activities through the website This initiative not only included virtual participation but also provided an opportunity for online game players to physically travel and engage in coral planting at the designated coral conservation area situated on Koh Kham, within the Sattahip District.

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2 Oct 2015

On June 12, 2015, a collaborative effort involving over 70 executives and employees took place to plant 200 mangrove trees within the vicinity of the Klong Khon Mangrove Conservation Center. This initiative unfolded in the Klong Khon Sub-district of Muang District, situated within Samut Songkhram Province. The aim of this endeavor was to foster an […]