The shareholders of Asiasoft have passed a resolution the Company’s name change to “ASPHERE INNOVATIONS” and announced annual dividend of Baht 0.53 for fiscal year 2022.

DATE : April 27, 2023

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April 27, 2023: Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited held its annual general meeting for the fiscal year 2023 on April 25, 2023. The shareholders approved the proposal to change the Company’s name to “Asphere Innovations Limited Public Company Limited” which combines “Asiasoft” and “Sphere” (a round or an ever-moving world) implying the Company’s readiness to expand its business beyond Asia without limits and become a leader in the digital technology industry. As of now, the Company has four main business groups, namely Online Gaming, Blockchain & Innovation Technologies, Marketing Technologies, and Corporate Venture Capital. The Company will continue to use the stock abbreviation “AS.” The registration of the name change is expected to be completed with the Department of Business Development in mid-May. 

Additionally, the meeting also approved annual dividend payment for the fiscal year 2022 at the rate of Baht 0.53 per share, which represents a dividend payout ratio of 78% based on the 2022 net profit. The interim dividend of Baht 0.30 per share was paid in September 2022, and the remaining Baht 0.23 per share will be paid on May 9, 2023. The Company will determine the list of shareholders entitled to receive dividends (Record date) on March 29, 2023, and the dividend payment date will be on May 9, 2023.