Kubplay proudly introduces Astronize, the pioneering Hybrid Web 3 Game platform in SEA, unveiling the IP game ‘TSX’ across 26 countries.

DATE : February 7, 2024

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February 7, 2024, at Zilla Space, FYI Centre Building, Bangkok: Kubplay Entertainment Company Limited, a joint venture between Asphere Innovations PCL. and Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd., hosted a press conference to announce the launch of Astronize – Hybrid Web 3.0 Game Platform, and TSX; the initial gaming available on the Astronize platform 

Mr. Kittipong Prucksa-aroon, CEO of Kubplay Entertainment Co., Ltd., highlighted the significant strides taken by Kubplay since the establishment of the joint venture between Asphere Innovations Public Company Limited (AS) and Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Company Limited in mid-2022. Kubplay Entertainment Co., Ltd. successfully unveiled the Astronize platform in early 2024. 

Astronize, a hybrid Web 3.0 game platform, seamlessly integrates existing Web 2.0 games with blockchain technology, allowing game developers to swiftly enter the Web 3.0 gaming model without extensive expertise in blockchain development. Developers can effortlessly connect their creations to Astronize through user-friendly API and SDK tools. The platform boasts a comprehensive suite of core modules, including the Tokenization System, Redemption System, NFT Market System, etc. Astronize targets the Southeast Asian market, planning to issue AST Token, a Utility Token for the platform’s ecosystem. The company anticipates seeking approval for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC) upon meeting relevant regulatory criteria. 

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Kubplay is thrilled to announce the imminent release of its inaugural game on the platform, TSX by Astronize, spanning 26 countries, including 6 major Southeast Asian nations and an additional 20 countries worldwide. TSX, a Turn-Based RPG mobile game in the Play & Earn format, prioritizes an enjoyable gaming experience. Derived from a game inspired by characters from the classic Three Kingdoms novel, ‘TS Mobile,’ gained popularity upon its 2019 launch with over 500,000 players in Thailand. Now, TSX elevates the fun with new content, systems, and the ability for players to mine TSX Tokens and trade in-game items as NFTs between players on the Astronize Market (NFT Primary Market) conveniently and securely. The press conference also unveiled a special collaboration with renowned actress and artist ‘Khun Darisa Karnpoj’ or ‘Pahn Riety,’ boasting 2.2M followers on social media, designing unique NFT collections with a 12 Zodiacs theme based on ‘Pato Yao,’ the game’s mascot. Currently, TSX by Astronize is open for pre-registration on the Google Play Store and is gearing up for testing during the Closed Beta on February 29, 2024, with an official launch on the App Store and the Google Play Store expected in March.

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Mr. Jirayut Srupsrisopa (Topp), founder and CEO of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd., highlighted the crucial role of Digital Assets in changing the face of the gaming business in the future. He emphasized, “Blockchain technology, or WEB3, plays a vital role in shaping the nation’s economic infrastructure. Bitkub has strength and expertise in the blockchain technology behind and joins in pioneering various game formats, ready to enter the transformation of the conventional game into WEB3 Game. Digital assets will enhance the potential of the game business, especially by combining NFT with AI, enabling real-world value exchange and transparent ownership management of game items. The entry of digital assets into the gaming business will help raise the gaming business in the future to be able to compete and reach new target groups, which is an important turning point and the dawn of a new era for the gaming business.” 

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Kubplay believes that the Astronize platform will make a significant contribution to the development of Southeast Asia’s gaming ecosystem, effectively meeting the needs of both game developers and players.

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