Yulgang, Nine Dragons and Swordsman opens New World in Q4 2021

DATE : December 20, 2021

To celebrate the release of a new character which happened in September, Yulgang VN opened a new world Đông Lãnh Điện on 14th Oct which allows players to start on a new adventure, and can accommodate more players at the same time.

Nine Dragons also welcomed a new world Huyền Vũ on 23rd of Nov, which is an addition to its existing servers.

On the other hand, Swordsman opened a new world, Giáng Long on 1st of Dec, which is unique compared to other existing worlds. This server is a special PK world where all character data will be reset every 3 months and the players will be moved to the other normal world. After this PK world is cleared, it will be reopened to start a new cycle.