Tales of Fairy Empire Mobile launching in 4 Countries for CBT!

DATE : July 5, 2022

The long awaited Tales of Fairy Empire Mobile CBT launch is finally here! After an encouraging Alpha Test back in Feb 2022, the game is now polished and ready for launch. The scheduled launch date will be in June 2022 and available to the Singapore, Philippine and USA players other than Malaysia.

Tales of Fairy Empire is an idle RPG mobile game that allows you to collect fairy tale characters and train them to overcome different PvE dungeons with ever-increasing difficulty. Each character comes with their own unique skills and the ‘Element vs Element’ system allows for a more strategic angle on which character to use and how to position them. Characters can also equip runes that come with more than 100 additional skills to randomly choose from, thus making every battle a unique experience! Players can also pit their characters against each other in PvP arena and Kingdom(Guild) wars.

Once CBT is over, there are plans to further open the game to other SEA countries before making its debut in European and Eastern countries.