Real Yulgang Mobile launched OBT successfully with 2.7 M unique IDs in the first month

DATE : December 20, 2021

Real Yulgang Mobile, a mobile version of the Yulgang IP, amazed Thai fans with its Open Beta on 28 September 2021. The game achieved the No.1 ranking in Downloads for RPG category in the App Store and Google Play within 2 days. In the first month of launch, there were over 440,000 game installs and 2.7 million unique IDs created.

This game was promoted through various marketing tools to build awareness and call to action;
• KOLs: totaling 90 channels and over 21 million followers, with 1.1 million views
• Out of Home: with over 450 screens, expanding media coverage in Bangkok and major provinces of Thailand in shopping malls, billboards, and digital signs on the streets
• Ad Network: bombard various digital media platforms to reach the target audience.

And the fun continues with the new update in November 2021, with the release of a new class ‘Ninja’ and new game features “Awakening constellations”, which also saw the expansion of dungeons with 1000 levels, provision of free buffs, and many activities for its players. Besides, 2 new servers were added, server 15 Harin Battle and server 16 Cloud Madness. This patch was promoted by 25 famous casters who have 11 million followers, featuring the new class ‘Ninja’. As a result, the number of new players increased by over 200% from October.