PlayPark and Popeyes Wishes Everyone A Merry Chickmas!

DATE : December 13, 2018

Picture of Popeyes & PlayPark's Eat to Win campaign

Eat to Win!

PlayPark and Popeyes Wishes Everyone A Merry Chickmas!

This Christmas period, eating Popeyes chicken and drinking Mountain Dew rewards you with special in-game MapleStorySEA items.

Singapore6 December 2018: PlayPark and Popeyes have partnered to bring some fast food fun and rewards to MapleStorySEA players. In the ‘Eat To Win’ campaign which ends on January 7th 2019, players can earn unique and rare items themed after Popeyes chicken. Players who visit any of Popeyes physical outlets and purchase a Mac n Chickmas meal with a PepsiCo drink will be given a scratch card and a chance at in-game items such as the Popeyes box hat.

Alternatively, guaranteed rewards can be earned by playing the game. Monsters once defeated, will drop letters corresponding to the spelling of Popeyes. These letters are then redeemed for currency for the procurement of special items like the Popeyes mascot boots or hat, in-game.

Additional rewards include an extremely adorable Hen pet armed with a drumstick. This unique time-limited pet is obtainable by spending 1K @cash over seven consecutive days during the campaign’s run. A weekly lucky draw will also be conducted for eligible participants to win a permanent version of the pet.

At the end of the campaign, a Grand Lucky Draw will be held for players who enrolled by submitting an image of their receipts through an online form. The winner will receive a set of popular MapleStorySEA plushies.

The campaign is now live.

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