PlayPark Flyff Announces Limited-Time Speed Server

DATE : September 22, 2020


PlayPark Flyff Announces Limited-Time Speed Server

Players who played Flyff in the past may remember the more relaxed atmosphere of the community, and hunting bosses like Clockworks brought players together in guilds. Even Aibatt-hunting was a group-fighting experience! One of the names familiar to players is Bubble, one of the Clown Gods of Roika.

This September 23, 2020, Bubble returns to lend his aid via the opening of the Flyff Speed Server limited time event! The Bubble Server will be open to all Flyff players and will be a great opportunity for players looking to scratch the nostalgia itch and jump back into the game easily, thanks to fast leveling.


The Bubble Speed Server

This new speed server is Bubble’s way to aid players in their quest to gain more power. The Bubble Server features a 25x EXP gain bonus for characters and pets, 15x drop rate, and 10x Penya. Additionally, the level cap has been increased to 170 and also allows players to access their 3rd Job. Creating a new character on this server will be a breeze and will take away the grind of leveling!

The Bubble Server has something for everyone. Aside from the faster leveling gain, guilds have daily Seige activities to do, as well as competitive Guild vs Guild mode. There will be PK areas where players can test their abilities against other players as well. For more competitive players and guilds, there will also be the Speed Server Guild Siege Champions event as well as the Heroes of Dragon Emblem Tournament (HoDET) Online Edition, which is a lead-up event to Flyff Philippine Championship (FPC) 2020, the biggest tournament for Flyff in the Philippines.


Bubble Speed Server Activities

The Bubble Server also introduces the new Devil Armor Set, Ultimate Devil Weapons, and the Meteonyker Set for players to hunt and collect. A Devil Weapons and Armor Exchange NPC will be set up as a way for players to receive these new items. For official stats and to see how the armors and weapons look, check out the official announcement here.

To add more fun to the opening of the Bubble Server, the PlayPark Flyff Team has lined up a series of activities, sale events, and systems for players to enjoy. Rewards await the most active guilds while bounties will be introduced for the mightiest Speed Server Hunters to chase after.

Bubble will also open his Speed Shop, where a rotating set of items will be on sale Among the selection of sale items on the Speed Shop include rare pets, flying items, accessories, and fashion skins.

The Awakening System, as well as the Socket Card and Lord Systems will also be included in the Bubble Speed server so that you can further increase your weapons’ and armors’ power levels. The speed server will also contain a Card Socket Upgrade system as well as the opening of all dungeons for all players to raid.

There will also be new activities open to players and guilds. For the complete list of activities, check out the official PlayPark Flyff announcement here (

It’s the perfect time to fly back to Flyff with the Bubble Speed Server this September 23, 2020! Be sure to tune in to our website and social media pages for updates!








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