Asphere Innovations (AS) Rockets in Q3/2023 with Surging Revenue and Profits, Entering the Exciting Realm of Web 3.0 Gaming

DATE : November 10, 2023

November 10, 2023: Asphere Innovations Public Company Limited has announced its operating results for the third quarter of 2023. The company had revenue of Baht 423.2 million and net profit of Baht 82.6 million, comprising profit from operating results of Baht 70 million, profit from the sale of the subsidiary company in Malaysia of Baht 66.4 million, and allowance for impairment of online game rights of Baht 53.8 million. This resulted in a quarter-on-quarter growth of 33.5% in revenue and 186.0% in net profit. Mr. Gerry Ung, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Asphere Innovations PLC., revealed that ‘The main factors of the growth in the third quarter came from the online gaming business launching two new mobile games in Thailand in September, namely Samkok Tactics, and Immortal Kingdoms, which is one of the strategies that focus on creating growth through new games. The IP is well-known, has a fan base, and has a model that helps stimulate ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).”

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“For the fourth quarter, each business group has an operating plan as follows;

  • Online Games Business Group: Open for closed beta testing of 2 mobile games in Southeast Asia during the fourth quarter of 2023, including Black Moon (October 12-16, 2023), an Action RPG game, and Wandering Ark (end of the fourth quarter), a Slingshot RPG game catering to players who enjoy casual gaming.
  • Blockchain & Innovation Technologies Business Group: Kupplay Entertainment Co., Ltd. is preparing to launch the closed beta test for TSX, the first Play & Earn mobile game under the Astronize platform. TSX is a game developed from the famous IP game TS Mobile in collaboration with Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. It utilises Bitkub’s Blockchain infrastructure and plans to officially launch services covering 6 Southeast Asian countries in early 2024.

With the above plan, combined with the current game portfolio’s potential and continuous content updates, the company believes that in the fourth quarter, it will generate income close to or equivalent to the third quarter, which was the highest-performing quarter of 2023.”