MapleStorySEA Rise Patch Updates

DATE : May 19, 2020

MapleStorySEA release new class Adele with support events & exclusive rewards 

Singapore – 19 May 2020: Playpark, leading online entertainment service provider in Southeast Asia, is happy to announce that the highly anticipated MapleStorySEA: RISE update will be released on May 20th, 2020. 

Appealing to both new and returning players, they can explore the new RISE events in the latest update, train up a new job class with Growth Support Events and level up new characters at blazing speed via the Tera Burning A Event. 


Adele, The Psychic Maestra

The main highlight of MapleStorySEA: RISE is the release of a new warrior from the high flora race of Grandis, Adele, The Psychic Maestra. Known for its high DPS, Adele uses a tuner to create Ether Swords which are used as weapons that she can control freely using her strong willpower. Together with a large attack area, it makes Adele a full-fledged character that excels in both bossing and mobbing, and potentially one of the stronger classes. 


Adele Growth Support Events & Tera Burning A Event 

Exciting rewards have also been put in place, for players who have made level achievements with the new class Adele. Players who achieve certain milestones on Adele would also be given special Burning Boosters where players can gain two additional levels for every level that they have painstakingly trained for and can be used on other characters. 


RISE to the top with Adele 

Adele’s Challenge will also be happening starting 20 May, where players can race to be the first Adele to complete any of the established criteria, and be rewarded with exclusive MapleStorySEA Merchandise.


RISE content updates will be released over a period of 3 months, from May to July 2020.