MapleStorySEA Receives Over 20,000 Superhuman Reinforcements for Showdown with Ursus

DATE : June 1, 2016

MapleStory SEA

Singapore and Malaysia 1st June 2016 – Over 20,000 telekinetics soared through the levels in MapleStorySEA within a week. Today they join the ranks of veteran Maplers to face Ursus, MapleStorySEA biggest raid boss to date.

Maplers need all the firepower they can get to defeat Ursus. Even the most well-equipped players must party up to take the ferocious beast down. The grizzly behemoth is the largest single body boss in the game. Ursus features a new skeletal animation system for more dynamics. It can claw and chew through its victims with ease using vicious attacks.

Despite the challenge, new players can still contribute. Players from level 100 to level 250 can join the same party. A new system for the Ursus raid adjusts all party members damage to close the level gap. New players can watch and learn from high-level players in action.

Players joining today can use MapleStorySEA latest Kinesis class to make a smashing entry. Kinesis sports wide area attacks to efficiently gain experience from multiple monsters. Players from a fresh start can reach level 100 in a day and experience high-level group content like Ursus.

Kinesis is well-equipped for raid bosses. He has support skills to shield himself or fly to avoid attacks. He can levitate trains with his mind to bring metric tonnes of death from above and perform other crushing feats. Kinesis complements MapleStorySEA 38 existing classes as a valuable party member.

Ursus is a chance for new and old players to have a roaring good time together, said Operations Director of Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd, Ivan Seah, We hope Maplers will bear with us for introducing such a grisly challenge.

MapleStorySEA rolls out a new logo to reflect a new outlook for the latest series of updates. Players can look forward to more content in the coming months, including an extensive content refresh, revamps of iconic bosses and skill rebalancing for existing classes.

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