MapleStorySEA Launches Online Treasure Hunt, Finders Keepers, featuring a SGD 10,000/MYR 30,000 (USD 7,400) Cash Prize Pool!

DATE : November 24, 2017

MapleStory SEA


MapleStorySEA is proud to announce a SGD 10,000 / MYR 30,000 (USD 7,400) cash prize in-game treasure hunt for our PC title, MapleStorySEA, on 24 November 2017!

The hunt, which is a first-of-its-kind fully online digital hunt to give out a cash prize, will encompass the entire MapleStorySEA world and is open to anyone to win. Anyone can win the huge cash bounty just by playing and exploring MapleStorySEA!

Please visit our teaser website as we count down the official release of the mechanics as well as how players, new and old can win the cash prize. New clues will also be released periodically on the website, which will be a one-stop landing page for all information related to the hunt!

Please follow our facebook page MapleStorySEA for more information about the treasure hunt.

More details will follow soon. Interested parties please contact for any clarification or for update of press contacts.

About Asiasoft

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About MapleStorySEA

MapleStorySEA is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game, developed initially by the South Korean company Wizet and bought over by Nexon thereafter.

In MapleStorySEA, players can extensively customise their avatars through in-game purchases from the cash shop with real money. Free-to-play players can earn cash shop items through timed or seasonal events, often in the form of gameplay enhancement items.

MapleStory allows players to traverse and explore different continents and fight a multitude of enemies and unique bosses. Interactions between players take the form of chatting, one-to-one trading or by playing mini-games. Adventures in MapleStorySEA can get collaborative as players band together in parties and guilds to partake in quests and raids.

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