Feel the Heat in the latest MapleStorySEA Ignition update!

DATE : December 15, 2022

MapleStorySEA released the Ignition patch update on 16 November 2022, with the revamp of Cygnus Knights being the highlight, which includes having a new look and change in combat skills. This patch also contains other exciting events such as the first ever Hyper Burning Event which allows players to enjoy accelerated leveling of up to level 250, Ignition Fireworks Festival, and various quality of life changes, which provides a better gaming experience for all players. To continuously attract new players to try out MapleStorySEA, influencers and cosplayers were engaged as part of the marketing initiatives to bring attention to MapleStorySEA and Hyper Burning. Besides that, several community events were rolled out on social media to engage our existing players, where the maple community is still strong and growing by the day.