MapleStorySEA held an Ignition Showcase event in Singapore!

DATE : December 15, 2022

On 6 November 2022, MapleStorySEA held a closed-door event at Joyden Hall, Bugis+ in Singapore to showcase upcoming contents in Ignition patch update that was released on 16 November 2022. Over 800 players indicated their interest in attending this event, and 200 lucky players were invited to due to limited capacity. Nonetheless, players who were unable to attend the physical event were able to catch our live streaming of the event on MapleStorySEA’s official Facebook page, which had 8,800+ views, and over 800+ peak live users during the stream. Aside from the sneak peek of patch update, there were also live showcases of game play by specially invited streamers, orchestra performances of iconic MapleStorySEA tunes and exciting games that kept both online and onground players engaged.