MapleStorySEA celebrates its 17th anniversary in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore!

DATE : September 23, 2022

MapleStorySEA held two consecutive events for its fans from 12-14 August at Sunway Pyramid in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and subsequently from 19-21 August atPlaza Singapura, Singapore in celebration of its 17 years of service in both countries. This is the first in 3 years, where a large-scale physical event was held for MapleStorySEA players to participate in since the Covid-19 pandemic. A variety of fun-filled activities such as Kahoot, Cube Assembly, Bingo and Carnival games were there for players to indulge in, where they stood a chance to win exclusive MapleStory merchandise and in-game items. Other highlights of the 3-day event included a huge birthday celebration, daily auction, and lucky draws on the last day. Seventeen lucky winners from each country walked away with attractive prizes, including rare in-game items, merchandise, and ASUS gaming peripherals.