Hot Boss Monster Pets Now Available! Catch Them All At Rappelz M

DATE : March 5, 2020

Playpark, one of the leading online game publishers in Southeast Asia, will launch Rappelz M SEA, a new fantasy MMORPG. This March 2020, players will be able to enjoy the full features of the game on Android and iOS. Pre-register here to get in-game bonuses when it launches.

Developed by Gala Lab, Corp., the makers of iconic games like FlyFF, Rappelz M SEA is based on the online PC game of the same name. However, Rappelz M SEA is not just a simple port for mobile phones. Gala Lab made sure to optimize Rappelz M SEA by making sure it delivers cutting-edge mobile graphics and gameplay without sacrificing accessibility.

Set in a medieval fantasy setting, Rappelz M SEA follows the story of three races: Gaia, Deva, and Asura. An ancient and powerful evil is threatening the world, and it is up to you, the player, to lend your strength to one of the three races in Rappelz and save the world.


Along with the beautiful graphics that rival those of PC games, Rappelz M SEA also hosts the following features:

  • Unique and in-depth pet system:
    In Rappelz M SEA, you can turn almost all the monsters that you encounter in the game into a companion. EVEN BOSS MONSTERS!

  • Advanced Character Customization:

With the advanced customization options, you can design your characters further with the different in-game items available in the game. To add a bit of spice, Rappelz M also showcases its innovative Facial Expression Recognition feature. It allows players to have their features captured and mapped onto their character!

Caption: Shown in picture is the awesome voice actress Riku, trying out the Facial Expression Recognition which left her in awe and excited for the release of Rappelz M.


  • Exciting Player Vs. Player (PvP)Battles:
    ❖ Coliseum – Solo 1v1.
    ❖ Arena – 50 player BATTLE ROYALE.
    ❖ Battle Arena – 60 player TEAM vs TEAM.
    ❖ (Guild) Meteor Shrine – 5v5. Drop the meteor on the enemy guild and strike while they are in disarray.
    ❖ (Guild) Navislamia – 5v5. Defeat hordes of monsters to gain access to their boss. Send the boss against the enemy team to disrupt them and gain victory.

  • 3 Major Races:Choose from the 3 races that suits your play style.
    ❖ Gaia– Excellent at melee combat. Perfect for offensive or defensive tanks
    ❖ Deva– Magic based race who specialize in high damage single and AoE spells
    ❖ Asura– Ranged combatants with high agility and evasion.

  • Immersive Storyline:
    Learn more about the world of Rappelz M by following the story and completing side quests. You will also get rewards that you can use for your character by completing tasks in the game.

Not satisfied by just directly translating the game text, Rappelz M takes immersion a step further with the help of professional voice actors, one of which we have mentioned earlier. Riku is a gamer and shoutcaster who isn’t just well-known in the Philippines, but also in other countries in the region thanks to her many casting appearances in many esports tournaments. Known mostly for her presence in the gaming community, she is also a skilled voice actress who happily provided her talents for Rappelz M.

Game Requirements

Rappelz M SEA is optimized for mobile and features PC-quality graphics while maintaining its accessibility.

  • For Android OS users, Rappelz M will require:
    ❖ Android 4.4 (Kitkat)
    ❖ 3GB internal disk space
    ❖ 3GB system memory (RAM)
  • For Apple OS users
    ❖ iOS 8
    ❖ 3GB internal disk space
    ❖ 3GB system memory (RAM)


With its intuitive interface and gameplay mechanics coupled with its mesmerizing graphics, interesting storyline, and exciting PvP action, Rappelz M SEA will appeal to gamers looking for next-level MMORPGs for mobile phones.

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