Great performance continues in Q3 2020 for Asiasoft Corporation PCL and THB 1 Billion of revenue for nine months accumulate

DATE : December 15, 2020

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited announces operating performance for quarter 3/2020 with revenues of Baht 366.3 million, operating profit Baht 127.3 million and net profit Baht 103.3 million. An increase of 65%, 258% and 183% compared to quarter 3/2019 with revenues of Baht 221.5 million, operating profit Baht 35.7 million and net profit Baht 36.5 million. The performance shows that the company maintains good momentum on significant growth which results from efficiency of game management and continues to launch 2 mobile games in SEA and 1 PC game in Thailand during quarter 3/2020. The company has revenue of Baht 1,006 million, operating profit of Baht 287.6 million and net profit Baht 241.6 million for the nine-month of 2020 with the growth of 81%, 8,568% and 2423% respectively from the same period of the prior year. The company is expected to exceed many analysts from brokerage firms’ outlook and forecast on operating performance of Baht 230-280 million for 2020.