CBT has begun! The armies of the pandemonium have been unleashed!

DATE : September 9, 2020


PlayPark is proud to announce that the Closed Beta Test for MU Legend has begun! Gather your friends and go back in time to prevent the triumph of evil in the continent of MU!

CBT DATE: September 16, 2020 (3:00 PM GMT+08) to September 21, 2020 (11:59 PM GMT+08)


MU Legend CBT: What’s up and what’s hot

After months of preparation, the portals to the Continent of MU are now open. Players from all over Southeast Asia will now have the chance to experience a bigger, and more action-packed MU Legend. Icarus, the legendary sage, must bring you back in time to stop the Pandemonium Army from unleashing the evil that is sealed within the depths. Play as one of the chosen heroes destined to bring peace to the Continent.

Combining ARPG elements with MMO mechanics, PlayPark MU Legend will surely captivate you with hours and hours of real-time combat, skill management, and unique character progression. Tear through hordes and hordes of the Pandemonium Army as you traverse stunning maps and dungeons. Beautifully created character designs and overworld will definitely entice you and keep your eyes satisfied with the world of MU Legend.

In PlayPark’s MMOARPG MU Legend, grinding will never be the same. Be one of the pioneers to discover and experience the new and exclusive features that PlayPark MU Legend has to offer. 


Closed Beta Test: What is in store for you?

The iron is getting hot, do you have the courage to strike it? Rise up to the challenge and receive exclusive CBT rewards. Eligible Closed Beta Test participants will receive the CBT rewards on Open Beta Test.

CBT Rewards:

  • Gold Service 30 days
  • Dragon’s Incarnate Chest (Blue) 30 Days
  • Dragon’s Wings (Blue) 30 Days
  • Rugard’s Blessing 10pcs
  • Resurrection Stone of Life 20pcs
  • Megaphone x10

CBT Rewards Eligibility:

  • A CBT Participant’s character must be at least level 20 before the end of CBT.

A wall of courageous soldiers is a far better fortification than a wall of brick and mortar. The Pandemonium Army will slowly invade the Continent unless we gather and fight! Participate in our Pandemonium Facebook event and win exclusive merch! Rise warriors, join the MU Legend Facebook Community Group and stay updated with the latest MU Legend news and developments. Enlist here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/playpark.mul/

All Closed Beta Test participants are eligible to the MU Legend Bug Hunt Event. Showcase your inner detective-adventurer skills and win fabulous rewards. Check the official Facebook Page for more details.


MU Legend: Over and out

He who sweats more in training, bleeds less in the war.” – Spartan Warrior Creed.

While it is exhilarating and exciting to be part of PlayPark MU Legend’s Closed Beta Test, the CBT won’t last forever. Much like a Spartan’s training, the aim of the CBT is to provide the players a sneak-peek and experience in preparation for the real battle. CBT progression will be wiped out, and everyone will start fresh as we move on towards our new milestone – the Open Beta Test. Announcements regarding the Open Beta Test will roll out once CBT ends. 


Warriors, let’s stand and fight; take back what’s ours! The future of the Continent is in your hands. Rewrite history and seal the darkness once again! We invite you to embark on a haunting yet magical journey in the world of MU Legend.