Cabal Online Celebrates 14th Anniversary With Online Party and New Content Update

DATE : July 5, 2022

CABAListas in the Philippines are amped and ready for DOM1N4TION, CABAL Online’s 14th anniversary. On June 25, 2022, the PlayPark CABAL Online team celebrates 14 years of CABAL with the community through an online party. Music, games, prizes, and all-out fun are on the menu for the grand party as an appreciation of the fans both old and new. To further hype the event, Episode XXIX: Terminus Machina, the latest update for the game, was also released last June 14, 2022. Featuring an all-new dungeon to explore and enemies to fight, Terminus Machina is a great challenge to newbies and veterans alike and promises great loot for everyone who completes this latest content.