Audition Thailand Dances All Over Thailand

DATE : September 30, 2021

In June – July 2021, Audition PC Thailand entertained fans all over the country with 2 big campaigns focused on both fun and competition. The efforts resulted in record awareness numbers on the official channels – for the website (+137% pageview, +107% new users), and for Facebook (the highest engagement since January 2020).

Featuring the unique play style of Audition PC, the ‘Octopus Finger’ campaign was joined by 9 famous KOLs and TikTok creators with a total of 13.7 million followers. Viral videos of more than 1.1 million views spawned from the campaign as players took the challenge to create their own clips.

In addition, Audition PC hosted the “Dance all around over Thailand” competition for players across the 4 regions of Thailand. Joined by excited fans, Audition PC proved itself a truly popular game in the country. The competition showcased in-depth community insight and at the region level, and accompanied by local dialect live streaming.