Asiasoft, ‘Audition IP’ enters the Indian market for the first time!

DATE : December 20, 2021

The widely popular mobile rhythm action game “Club Audition India” has successfully entered the Indian market. Hanbitsoft announced that the company has signed a contract to introduce the Club Audition to the Indian market in the first half of the year through its partner in Southeast Asia, Asiasoft. This is also the first time that Asiasoft has entered into the Indian market with ‘Audition IP’.

Club Audition is a mobile game that is a spin-off from the original version of the PC Online rhythm action game ‘Audition’. India is a country with strong emotions and culture that enjoys singing and dancing. For Indian users, Club Audition is a mobile game that has great potential to be more attractive and enjoyable than any other mobile game.

As a long-standing partner of Asiasoft, Hanbitsoft will work closely with Asiasoft to offer specialized content such as customized local music, costumes, and dance moves to capture the hearts of Indian gamers.

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