AS announces dividend payment at Baht 0.3 per share due to net profit significantly growth by 6,877% and set a new highest record in the last 5 years

DATE : March 29, 2021

Asiasoft Corporation PCL announces incredible growth in operating performance for the year 2020. Asiasoft groups report a total revenue of Baht 1,336 million, a growth of 75% compared to the prior year, and a net profit of Baht 307 million, a staggering increase of 6,877% from last year. The significant growth in the performance of Asiasoft group was due to the expansion of the online games market in the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown had a positive impact to the industry as a whole. Coupled with Asiasoft’s adaptability in the face of this unforeseen situation, well planning and organization allowed the groups to capture the good opportunity. For Q4 2020, the revenue of Asiasoft groups is equal to Baht 329.8 million and the net profit is equal to Baht 65.3 million, an increase from the same period of last year by 59% and 341%, respectively.